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What Is BNI All About?

Business Network International

Business Network International is the
world’s largest business organization –– with
211,000 members, 8.9 million member referrals
and $11.2 billion in referred business.
BNI Embarcadero is the largest chapter in
San Francisco.

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Turn Referrals Into Revenue.

Turn Referrals Into Revenue

And we do it better than any other weekly referral group in San Francisco. Really. Truly. We rock. SF’s Largest BNI Chapter. Our Embarcadero chapter is currently about 40 members strong and growing.

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Show Me the Money

Show Me The Money

We referred over $4.1 million to each other in
2016, one referral at a time. That’s an average
value of $100K per member per year

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Referral Maniacs Wanted.

We’re looking for great networkers. Wallflowers need not apply.

If you see a fit for your services, we encourage you to join

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