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Do not pay to have your property tax reassessed

Bottom Line: Do not pay to have your property tax reassessed. But if you believe you property has gone down in value do request a reassessment through you Assessors Office. For those outside of San Mateo, just go to your own county assessor’s website.

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Scam: Compliance Annual Minutes Board

I got a very official looking letter from the “Compliance Annual Minutes Board” telling me I had to pay $150 to comply with blah blah blah for my small business. I’m about to leave on a trip, I’m trying to quickly get things done and I was about to pay the $150 but I thought I’d check with Wayne first and he said to make sure it was coming from (and going to the CA FTB) and I couldn’t find that anywhere. Hmm. A quick Google search got me quickly to all of these people. Lots of people have paid. It’s a scam.

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