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Get creative with how you promote what you're selling. Think out of the box.

How I Earned $3,987 in Passive Income from a Single Post

You have the knowledge that your clients want. Give it to them.

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How important is the color of your logo?

How important is the color of your logo?

The psychology of color as it relates to persuasion is one of the most interesting—and most controversial—aspects of marketing.

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7 Marketing Tips to Treat Your Business like a Blockbuster Book

How could you apply fiction-book-thriller-style marketing to your business?

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Is it time to get a reliable, powerful and flexible email provider?

7 Reasons to Switch your Email to Google Apps

Is it time to get a real email address? Maybe something professional?

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Rooftop Elementary School Auction 2010

Your donation is a great way to target 600 Rooftop families, alumni and friends of the school who attend our auction each year. Your gift sends the message that you business is a caring part of a community that supports a whole generation of young learners and budding artists; students who will be the leaders of tomorrow’s San Francisco.

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Rules for Yelping and Yelp Guide

There are a few rules that I encourage people to follow when Yelping. Yelp moderators have an iron fist ready to squelch any reviews they judge as potentially fraudulent or solicitous. Following these rules will help make your reviews count.

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Fuego Creative 30-Second Video Infomercial

Utilize the power of video and the internet to showcase your business or service to the world. Have Fuego create your personalized 30 second infomercial. Special rates will be given to all BNI members. Put some Fire into your marketing communications.

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How to Market & Promote Your Business During A Recession

Here is the invitation to a free seminar presented by Gil and Sharon. This is an excellent opportunity to pick up marketing ideas that will promote your business. Please check your calendars and let me know if you will attend.

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