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Get creative with how you promote what you're selling. Think out of the box.

How I Earned $3,987 in Passive Income from a Single Post

You have the knowledge that your clients want. Give it to them.

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How important is the color of your logo?

How important is the color of your logo?

The psychology of color as it relates to persuasion is one of the most interesting—and most controversial—aspects of marketing.

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7 Marketing Tips to Treat Your Business like a Blockbuster Book

How could you apply fiction-book-thriller-style marketing to your business?

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San Francisco Bay Area video marketing

Barnum Building & Designs- Bathroom Remodel

Watch the brief customer video testimonial of Barnum Building & Designs (B2D) recently completed a bathroom remodel in San Francisco, CA. Their customer selected B2D because of their reputation of building things properly to code. While Bumpercrop Productions  was documenting the finished bathroom remodel, we asked for the customer’s thoughts on the finished product.  

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Is it time to get a reliable, powerful and flexible email provider?

7 Reasons to Switch your Email to Google Apps

Is it time to get a real email address? Maybe something professional?

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Professional Headshot

Get More Profile Views on LinkedIn – Rotate That Profile Pic

Once you have a good headshot, you can rotate your profile pic on LinkedIn to increase engagement with your connections. Every time you change your profile photo it shows up in the feed on LinkedIn. People engage with photographs more than they do with text, so any time your photo shows up on their feed […]

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How easy? It needs to be a piece of cake.

Do You Make it Easy for New Clients to do Business with You?

Do your clients have to jump through hoops to do business with you? Make it as easy as pie.

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Meetups: When is the last time you “friended” someone … offline?

What are Meetups? Real people meeting in real life. Whoa, what a concept.

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Do you mind if I add you to my mailing list? Yes, I do.

What’s the proper etiquette to put someone on your mailing list? The answer is pretty simple: you need to get their approval first.

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Logo on your USB drive? Big sale this week.

If any of you are thinking about incorporating USB drives as part of your marketing program or maybe as client gifts for the holidays, I just wanted to give you all a heads-up that memory prices have dropped considerably in the last few weeks.

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Using LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn is the de facto online social network for business types. The thing is, lots of people are “on there” but aren’t necessarily using it to the fullest.

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Rules for Yelping and Yelp Guide

There are a few rules that I encourage people to follow when Yelping. Yelp moderators have an iron fist ready to squelch any reviews they judge as potentially fraudulent or solicitous. Following these rules will help make your reviews count.

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Fuego Creative 30-Second Video Infomercial

Utilize the power of video and the internet to showcase your business or service to the world. Have Fuego create your personalized 30 second infomercial. Special rates will be given to all BNI members. Put some Fire into your marketing communications.

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How to Market & Promote Your Business During A Recession

Here is the invitation to a free seminar presented by Gil and Sharon. This is an excellent opportunity to pick up marketing ideas that will promote your business. Please check your calendars and let me know if you will attend.

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