Mentor pairings are a proactive response to help new members ease into the large group that we have become so that they feel they have an assigned ‘buddy’ for support, if needed.

The latest Mentor policy is that the Primary Mentor will meet with the brand newly inducted member the day she/he joins the chapter to review the major aspects of membership: primarily attendance, then connecting them with a mentor. This is a jump-start to mentoring and getting newbies immediately on the right track.

Dan Bodner and Jason Steinberg are the current Mentor Team Coordinators and send out the Mentor/New Member Orientation Packet to all new members and their mentors so that all are on the same page with the current info on how the chapter and BNI in general is run. Contact either of them for further info or if you would like to be a mentor.

Breaking (Ancient) news about Mentors

Did you know that Mentor has its origin in classical mythology??!! Whereas it means ‘wise and trusted counselor’…but Mentor is actually a character in the Odyssey… yes, Mentor was a loyal advisor to Odysseus (Ulysses) and was entrusted with the care and education of his adored son, Telemachus.

So all you mentors, remember the history of being a wise advisor when you guide a new member through the first few weeks of being new in our large and varied BNI group!