Inside The Mind of Gil Zeimer: My Copywriting Presentation

Here is the presentation I did today highlighting a trip inside the mind of Gil Zeimer, a San Francisco freelance copywriter. It included:

1) Batter Blaster :60 Web video/TV Commercial
Watch it at

2) A magazine ad for KRON-TV’s “Politics of Poison” documentary

3) A :60 radio commercial for KRON-TV NewsCenter 4
Listen to it at

4) And the world’s ugliest varicose veins!

Again, kudos to Lauren Deane Evans for designing the PPT. Thanks again for your feedback today and your testimonials.

About Gil Zeimer

Freelance copywriting. Direct response copywriting. Web site copy. Writing copy for ads, company brochures, HTML emails, radio, TV, data sheets, sales films, conferences, and more. I’m also a successful blogger and have even hosted workshops on blogging.


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