Gil Zeimer BNI PowerPoint Presentation, 12/22/10

Below is a link to the PPT I prepared that you couldn’t see because of technical difficulties. Please take a few minutes to click through it now:

Plus, here are some Intuit Small Business Blog articles containing interviews of BNI Embarcadero members:

1) Amy Harcourt – “How To Avoid Discounting Your Services — Part 1“, “Part II
2) Dan Wheeler – “How To File A Patent
3) Phil Siegel – “How To Publicize Your Small Business
4) Josh Larson – “How To Convert Your Garage Into An Office
5) Bradley Charbonneau – “How To Name Your Company or Product
6) Bob Gates – “How To Quit Your Job & Take Your Clients With You (Without Being Sued)

Best Referrals

  • Graphic & Web designers/art directors
  • Ad agencies
  • Marketing and sales execs
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their Website with SEO keywords or with professionally written/edited materials
  • Other certified green businesses

Industries I work with: Healthcare, Packaged Goods , Legal, Technology , Financial and Start-ups

About Gil Zeimer

Freelance copywriting. Direct response copywriting. Web site copy. Writing copy for ads, company brochures, HTML emails, radio, TV, data sheets, sales films, conferences, and more. I’m also a successful blogger and have even hosted workshops on blogging.

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