We currently have openings in the following categories:

1.   Bankruptcy Attorney
2.   Commercial and/or Residential Cleaner
3.   Criminal Attorney
4.   Dentist
5.   Event Planner
6.   Mac Repair
7.   Massage Therapist
8.  Online Payments Specialist
9.   Payroll Specialist
10.   Printing Specialist
11.   Publicist
12.  Lawyer: Areas not already represented
13.   Professional Conservator of Finances
14.   Risk Manager for Insurance
15.   Mobile Applications
16.   Credit Consultant
17.   DJ
18.   Esthetician
19.   Jeweler
20. Electrician
21. Roofer
22. Plumber
23. Landscaper / Landscape Architect

If your business is a category not shown above and doesn’t directly conflict with an existing member, we want to talk to you! Please feel free to contact the Membership Director listed on our site’s Leadership Committee Page. Like other chapters, BNI Embarcadero may accept one member per profession.

We welcome all inquiries! Thank you for your interest in our chapter.