Closed Business Report

Taking Care of Business: VP Report Through August 9, 2017

Number of Members: 42 • Average Attendance: 95%

Current Term to Date (04/01/16 – 08/09/17): Referrals Passed: 369 • Closed Business $658,318 • Average Referral Value: $1,784

Last Term to Date (09/30/16 – 03/31/17): Referrals Passed: 546 • Closed Business $1,333,098 • Average Referral Value: $2,438

Year to Date (01/01/17 – 08/09/17): Referrals Passed: 680 • Closed Business: $1,246,591 • Average Referral Value: $1,833

Last 52 Weeks: Referrals Passed: 1,105 • Closed Business: $2,615,457 •  Average Referral Value: $2,367 • Average Value Per Member in Closed Business: $63,792

• 2016: Referrals Passed: 1,179 • Closed Business: $4,366.781 • Average Referral Value: $3,732
• 2015: Referrals Passed: 1,770 • Closed Business: $5,248,503 • Average Referral Value: $2,965
• 2014: Referrals Passed: 2,230 • Closed Business: $4,804,042 • Average Referral Value: $2,154
• 2013: Referrals Passed: 2,467 • Closed Business: $2,994,657 • Average Referral Value: $1,214
• 2012: Referrals Passed: 2,544; Closed Business: $2,213,939
• 2011: Referrals Passed, 2,495; Closed Business: $1,810,701
• 2010: Referrals Passed, 2,771; Closed Business: $1,412,383
• 2009: Referrals Passed, 2,629; Closed Business: $1,157,723
• 2008: Referrals Passed,2,329; Closed Business: $1,367,360
• 2007: Closed Business, $1,285,665


Chapter Info

Our Embarcadero chapter is currently 46 members strong and growing. We are the largest chapter on the west coast with a history of growing each other’s businesses – one referral at a time. The average business value per member in our chapter is over $100,000 per year.

Our meeting is held every Wednesday morning from 7:20 to 9:00 AM at Jillian’s in downtown San Francisco (Metreon 175 4th St San Francisco, CA 94103).

BNI is a business and professional networking organization that offers members the opportunity to share referrals, contacts and business ideas.

Leadership Team
(May 1 – October 1, 2017)

President: Melinda Zumski
Vice-President: Adrienne Dale
Treasurer: Benjamin Emmerich
Secretary: Isaac Jacobson, Richard Zumrowski
Visitor Hosts: Tom Redmond, Anthony Pitsch, Mahesh Patki
Social Committee: Basel Bazlamit, Gloria Vo, Cathy Cohn
Membership: Mike Heylin, Angela Warren, Wayne Allen Cameron
Mentor Team: Kay Heatherly, Gil Zeimer, Richard Zumrowski, Julie Trestman
Technical/PPT: Adam Barnum, Jason Steinberg
Education Coordinator: Carolina Collazos, Miquila Alejandre
Timekeeper: Todd Sanchioni
Go For the Gold: Jerry Becerra
BNI Directory: Lauren Deane Evans & Gil Zeimer
Card Boxes: Mika Banks
Webmaster: Gil Zeimer
Restaurant Liaison: Kay Heatherly
Inspirational Moment: Carlos Ramirez
Power Team Coordinator: TBD


Mentor pairings are a proactive response to help new members ease into the large group that we have become so that they feel they have an assigned ‘buddy’ for support, if needed.

The latest Mentor policy is that the Primary Mentor will meet with the brand newly inducted member the day she/he joins the chapter to review the major aspects of membership: primarily attendance, then connecting them with a mentor. This is a jump-start to mentoring and getting newbies immediately on the right track.

Kay Heatherly is the current Mentor Team Coordinator and sends out the Mentor/New Member Orientation Packet to all new members and their mentors so that all are on the same page with the current info on how the chapter and BNI in general is run. Contact Kay for further info or if you would like to be a mentor: kay <at> kayheatherly <dot> com or call 415.922.1664.

New Members and Their Mentors

  • Fernando Leon – Mentor is Adrienne Dale
  • Dr. Harlan South – Mentor is Kay Heatherly
  • Mika Alejandre – Mentor is Gil Zeimer
  • Scott Jacobs – Mentor is Richard Reinholdt
  • Gloria Vo – Mentor is Carlos Ramirez
  • Basel Bazlamit – Mentor is Gil Zeimer
  • Carlos Bone – Mentor is Bill Evans
  • Isaac Jacobson – Mentor is Tom Redmond
  • Samantha Hodges – Mentor is Julie Trestman
  • Todd Sanchioni – Mentor is Caro Collazos
  • Carolina Collazos – Mentor is Gil Zeimer
  • Anthony Pitsch – Mentor is Cathy Cohen
  • Mahesh Patki – Mentor is Bill Evans
  • Dr. Julie Trestman – Mentor is Fran Herman
  • Arturo Nieto – Mentor is Nancy Bramwell
  • Jason Steinberg – Mentor is Gil Zeimer
  • Bill Evans – Mentor is Gil Zeimer

Breaking (ancient) news about Mentors

Did you know that Mentor has its origin in classical mythology??!! Whereas it means ‘wise and trusted counselor’…but Mentor is actually a character in the Odyssey… yes, Mentor was a loyal advisor to Odysseus (Ulysses) and was entrusted with the care and education of his adored son, Telemachus.

So all you mentors, remember the history of being a wise advisor when you guide a new member through the first few weeks of being new in our large and varied BNI group!

Respectfully, Kay Heatherly
Mentor Coordinator

Upcoming Presentations:
NEW MEMBERS: Please take your Member Success Program training asap to be added to the speaker list. Contact Judy Gonzalez @ 415.406.2330 or email Judy for upcoming dates and class details. Training schedules are available on the BNI San Francisco website calendar. Notify the Secretary when complete.

Mike Heylin 5/3/2017
Scott Jacobs 5/3/2017
Carlos Ramirez 5/3/2017
Seph Paul 5/10/2017
Isaac Jacobson 5/10/2017
Miquila Alejandre (Spotlight) 5/10/2017
Kathy Olberts 5/17/2017
Caro Collazos 5/17/2017
Tom Redmond 5/17/2017
Angela Warren 5/24/2017
Adam Barnum 5/24/2017
Kay Heatherly 5/24/2017
Wayne Allen Cameron 5/31/2017
Bill Evans 5/31/2017
Bart Saling 5/31/2017
Richard Zuromski Jr. 6/7/2017
Kevin Casey 6/7/2017
Cathy Cohn 6/7/2017
Bob Gazso 6/14/2017
Richard Reinholdt 6/14/2017
Lincoln Miller 6/14/2017
Miquila Alejandre 6/21/2017
Gil Zeimer 6/21/2017
Lauren Deane Evans 6/21/2017


Jason Steinberg 6/28/2017
Mahesh Patki 6/28/2017
Marty Wall 6/28/2017


Adrienne Dale 7/5/2017
Julie Trestman 7/5/2017
Arturo Nieto 7/5/2017


Basel Baslamit 7/12/2017
Vincent Yu 7/12/2017
Melinda Zumski 7/12/2017
Gloria Vo 7/19/2017
Mark Rosen 7/19/2017
Samantha Hodges 7/19/2017