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San Francisco Copywriter Presentation

As a San Francisco copywriter, Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe has over three decades of experience across five key industries: healthcare copywriting, financial copywriting, travel copywriting, technology copywriting and writing for products/ services aimed at baby boomers.

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Improper Punctuation Prevents Perfection

In In re C. W. Mining Co., 2013 WL 888677 (D. Utah 2013), the district court of Utah held that a UCC-1 Financing Statement that omitted periods after initials in the debtor’s name was unperfected and could be avoided under Bankruptcy Code Section 544.  Read more here.

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Business Bankruptcy Basics

If you are interested in learning about business bankruptcy and also earning CLE credit, check out this video, available here.  The video gives you CLE credit valid in ten states, including California.  I believe the provider, namely LexVid, gives you one video for free.  Enjoy!

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Partnership That Never Existed Cannot Create Nondischargeable Debt

In Utnehmer v. Crull (In re Utnehmer), 2013 Bankr. LEXIS 4482, NC-12-1362-PaDJu (9th Cir. BAP Oct. 10, 2013), the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that Bankruptcy Code Section 523(a)(4) did not apply to render a debt nondischargeable in relation to a partnership that was never […]

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Reno Fernandez Featured in BASF Bulletin

Reno Fernandez was featured in the January issue of the Bulletin, the monthly newspaper of the Bar Association of San Francisco.  You can view the article here.

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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in a Nutshell

Reno Fernandez spoke on this panel for the 2014 California State Bar Annual Meeting entitled “Chapter 11 in a Nutshell.”  The video is now available here. Viewers earn one hour of MCLE credit as well as one hour of Legal Specialization in Bankruptcy Law credit. This program will take the mystery and confusion out of […]

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Insurer Cannot Attach Social Security Benefits or Proceeds to Enforce Disability Overpayment Agreement Under ERISA

In Bilyeu v. Morgan Stanley, 683 F.3d 1083 (9th Cir. 2012), the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rules that an insurer cannot impose a lien upon the proceeds of Social Security benefits in the possession of the insured in order to recover overpayment of long-term disability benefits.  Read more here.

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Military, Veterans and Other Overlooked Bankruptcy Exemptions

Did you know that a military soldier’s deposits to savings accounts while on permanent duty abroad are fully exempt in bankruptcy?  Read about this and other often overlooked bankruptcy exemptions for military personnel, veterans and others here.

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Too Early to Dismiss? BAP Overturns Order Dismissing Chapter 11 Case as Bad Faith Filing

In Sullivan v. Harnisch (In re Sullivan), CC-14-1225-TaDKi (9th Cir. BAP December 9, 2014), the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (the “BAP”) reversed a bankruptcy court order dismissing a chapter 11 bankruptcy case as having been filed in bad faith.  Read more here.

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3-D Direct Response Copywriting: Gil Zeimer

Here are 3 examples of what I’ve created when I had to make a few words count in 3-dimensional direct response copywriting projects. Note that these cost considerably more than traditional direct response projects, but this high risk can yield a high reward. (By the way, 3-D direct response writing projects are just one of […]

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Gil Zeimer: Radio & TV Copywriting

Today, I featured this particular :60 video as the start of my BNI Presentation to promote the services of Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe. Have a look: Gil Zeimer, Freelance Copywriting Promotional Video. It was produced by using a video template they created. By the way, I also write a wide variety of projects, from brochures […]

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Freelance Copywriting PPT

Zeimer bni presentation_071112 from Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe This presentation highlights my background and the chronicle of how one BNI referral to a Craig’s List ad as a blogger led to six frealance copywriting and freelance healthcare copywriting projects.

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Freelance Copywriter PowerPoint Presentation – June 8, 2011

As a BNI freelance copywriter, I create a wide variety of projects. But the best referrals for what I do are for websites, blogs, newsletters, direct response projects such as postcards, and radio scripts. This PowerPoint Presentation shown today at BNI Embarcadero outlines each of those with approximate costs. I’m looking for introductions to graphic […]

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‘I Gotta Feeling’ Song & Video

I had an idea for a fun, interactive song for BNI Embarcadero’s weekly Educational Moment. So I wrote parody lyrics to “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, recruited a troop of performers from our amazing chapter, and asked Chris Morales to capture the video. When Chapter President Adrienne Dale asked, “What feeling do […]

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QR Codes

What are QR codes, you ask? Watch my PowerPoint presentation from this morning to find out!

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Gil Zeimer BNI PowerPoint Presentation, 12/22/10

Below is a link to the PPT I prepared that you couldn’t see because of technical difficulties. Please take a few minutes to click through it now: Gil_Zeimer_BNI_presentation_122210 View more presentations from gzeimer. Plus, here are some Intuit Small Business Blog articles containing interviews of BNI Embarcadero members: 1) Amy Harcourt – “How To Avoid […]

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Meakim and Stern Spinal Care Presentation (11/17/10)

PowerPoint presentation from Jamie Stern.

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Favreaulous: An Epic

No two interior design clients are the same. Barbie is not Skipper and Ken would never be GI Joe.

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Phil Siegel, Media Works Presentation (04/14/10)

A specialist in the art of media relations for over 25 years, Siegel works to ensure that clients remain in the media spotlight.

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Freelance Copywriter BNI PPT, 3/10/10 – Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe

As a freelance copywriter, attached is the PowerPoint Presentation I made yesterday to BNI Embarcadero about my experience and expertise as a healthcare copywriter, direct response copywriter, financial copywriter, website copywriter, and more. In it, you’ll find an overview of my services, my hourly rate, and several examples of my freelance copywriter work. I’ve now […]

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Likoma Presentation (03/10/10)

Likoma shows some case studies from simple to complex websites.

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Larson Shores Architects Presentation (03/03/10)

Larson Shores Architects is a minority/women-owned residential and commercial architecture firm which believes great design should be made accessible to all individuals.

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