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Marketing Power Team Produces Stunning Eight-Page Brochure in One Week

Five members of the BNI Embarcadero Marketing Makeover Power Team recently collaborated on a beautiful eight-page sales brochure for a local sign company. We thought you’d like to read the backstory about how it happened so quickly, efficiently and stunningly… The Signmaker “Martin Sign Company was invited to donate our signs to the San Francisco […]

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San Francisco Copywriter Presentation

As a San Francisco copywriter, Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe has over three decades of experience across five key industries: healthcare copywriting, financial copywriting, travel copywriting, technology copywriting and writing for products/ services aimed at baby boomers.

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Gil Zeimer Freelance Copywriting Presentation

Thanks to everyone for your feedback on my presentation today. Here’s the PDF of my seven-minute presentation. It’s followed by the links to the two :30 Lasik-1 radio commercials featuring a jingle that was inspired by “The Bear Necessities” from “The Jungle Book”, then the KRON-TV NewsCenter 4 :30 TV commercial, and the website for a […]

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Get creative with how you promote what you're selling. Think out of the box.

How I Earned $3,987 in Passive Income from a Single Post

You have the knowledge that your clients want. Give it to them.

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How important is the color of your logo?

How important is the color of your logo?

The psychology of color as it relates to persuasion is one of the most interesting—and most controversial—aspects of marketing.

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7 Marketing Tips to Treat Your Business like a Blockbuster Book

How could you apply fiction-book-thriller-style marketing to your business?

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Woman in before after headshots.

Find Out if Your Headshot Measures Up

Your headshot is your signature. It is important that it sends the message you want on your website and on social media. Here are five key criteria to consider. Professionalism – You should use a professional headshot when you post your profile pic on LinkedIn, your website or any other online business setting. Crop – The crop for […]

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Insurer Cannot Attach Social Security Benefits or Proceeds to Enforce Disability Overpayment Agreement Under ERISA

In Bilyeu v. Morgan Stanley, 683 F.3d 1083 (9th Cir. 2012), the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rules that an insurer cannot impose a lien upon the proceeds of Social Security benefits in the possession of the insured in order to recover overpayment of long-term disability benefits.  Read more here.

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Professional Headshot

Get More Profile Views on LinkedIn – Rotate That Profile Pic

Once you have a good headshot, you can rotate your profile pic on LinkedIn to increase engagement with your connections. Every time you change your profile photo it shows up in the feed on LinkedIn. People engage with photographs more than they do with text, so any time your photo shows up on their feed […]

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Too Early to Dismiss? BAP Overturns Order Dismissing Chapter 11 Case as Bad Faith Filing

In Sullivan v. Harnisch (In re Sullivan), CC-14-1225-TaDKi (9th Cir. BAP December 9, 2014), the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (the “BAP”) reversed a bankruptcy court order dismissing a chapter 11 bankruptcy case as having been filed in bad faith.  Read more here.

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Keeping Your Name in Front of Your Customers

By Phil Siegel, What to get your name out to potential new customers? 10 questions to ask yourself to get new business in 2015: 1)   Who are your current customers?        a. You need to determine if you are looking  at ALL the potential audiences who can use your company.  You may be too […]

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Gil Zeimer Freelance San Francisco Copywriting Presentation: 11/19/14

As a freelance San Francisco copywriter, here is a recap of my BNI Embarcadero presentation today with links to the appropriate “recycled creativity” from my archives of 30+ years of writing a variety of projects.

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How To Create A Memorable Tagline

What is a tagline? It’s your brand defined… It’s a short summary of your business slogan
or your slant on a unique selling proposition.

A tagline should be in your infomercials, on your website and on your business cards.

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Inside The Mind of Gil Zeimer: My Copywriting Presentation

Here is the presentation I did today highlighting a trip inside the mind of Gil Zeimer, a San Francisco freelance copywriter. It included: 1) Batter Blaster :60 Web video/TV Commercial Watch it at 2) A magazine ad for KRON-TV’s “Politics of Poison” documentary 3) A :60 radio commercial for KRON-TV NewsCenter 4 Listen to […]

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3-D Direct Response Copywriting: Gil Zeimer

Here are 3 examples of what I’ve created when I had to make a few words count in 3-dimensional direct response copywriting projects. Note that these cost considerably more than traditional direct response projects, but this high risk can yield a high reward. (By the way, 3-D direct response writing projects are just one of […]

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Freelance Copywriting PPT: Gil Zeimer

Here’s my presentation from earlier today, including about me, ad agencies where I worked full-time during the first half of my career in San Francisco and Dallas, some of my recent clients, a list of my freelance copywriting services (slide 11 or shown on my site’s Writing Menu), what I charge for my time, and […]

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BNI Marketing Makeover Success Story: Book Bank USA Website

AFTER Book Bank USA is a non-profit organization in San Rafael, CA that has donated over 5.9 million books and more than 2,500 computers to nearly 1,000 schools and libraries in 37 countries over the past 45 years. Its tagline is “A World-Class Bank Where Books Draw Interest For Life” and I’m is proud to […]

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Looking for content for your site? Try your inbox.

If you can’t figure out what to write on your site, try looking at your inbox. What did your clients ask you over the past week?

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2011 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses

Here’s an article I wrote that went live today on What’s your list of New Year’s Resolutions? As a freelance blogger and small business owner for over 15 years, my top New Year’s Resolutions for small businesses include these — feel free to comment below: #10 — Go green… #9 – Stop smoking… #8 […]

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Gil Zeimer BNI PowerPoint Presentation, 12/22/10

Below is a link to the PPT I prepared that you couldn’t see because of technical difficulties. Please take a few minutes to click through it now: Gil_Zeimer_BNI_presentation_122210 View more presentations from gzeimer. Plus, here are some Intuit Small Business Blog articles containing interviews of BNI Embarcadero members: 1) Amy Harcourt – “How To Avoid […]

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‘Twas The Night Before Networking

Illustrated by Fritz Wall. Written by Gil Zeimer. Narrated by Steven Favreau. Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore. ‘Twas the night before networking when all through the bay, BNI Embarcadero members were preparing for Schroeder’s Café. The referral slips would be placed on the tables with care, In the hopes that Giver’s Gain would soon be […]

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BNI Referral: Intuit Small Business Blog

Here’s a great BNI referral success story… Lauren Deane Evans of Good Looking Ideas is a valued member of BNI A few weeks ago, she forwarded me a Craig’s List email about someone looking for writers for a new Intuit Small Business Blog. Most important of all, their writers had to be experts at […]

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