Dan Bodner

Dan Bodner
CEO & FounderSan Francisco, CA
Fido Systems
220 Montgomery Street, Ste 1092
San Francisco, CA 94124
4157861374(415) 391-3100

Dan Bodner has been working with computers since the days of card readers (circa 1975) and has served in numerous management roles with professional service firms. He now serves as the CEO of Fido Systems.
Dan has been working specifically as a System Integrator since 1995, and he founded Fido systems in 2001. He was previously a Senior Partner at PCG, a San Francisco-based Systems Integrator, and was also the Chief of Operations for Weiss Associates, a Bay Area environmental consulting firm.
Dan has a Masters degree focused on numerical analysis and simulation in Hydro-Geology from the University of Texas at Austin where he studied under a University Fellowship, and has a Liberal Arts degree from Vassar College.