Marketing Power Team Produces Stunning Eight-Page Brochure in One Week

MSC_blog_versionFive members of the BNI Embarcadero Marketing Makeover Power Team recently collaborated on a beautiful eight-page sales brochure for a local sign company.

We thought you’d like to read the backstory about how it happened so quickly, efficiently and stunningly…

The Signmaker
“Martin Sign Company was invited to donate our signs to the San Francisco Design Week event in early June 2016. They said that we could promote our services to the attendees of the event, which are designers. Since Martin Sign Company works well with designers, we wanted to create a brochure that focused on what we think designers might be looking for.

“Our strategy is to become the premier sign company in the area and stay top of mind to San Francisco Bay Area designers for all signage projects.”
– Martin Wall, Founder, Martin Sign Company,

The Art Director
“When Marty called and told me he had an opportunity to promote Martin Sign Company at the San Francisco Design Week event, and wanted me to design a brochure, I said, ‘That’s great!’ Then he told me the event was in just a few days, and I thought, ‘Oh. Great.’

“We had very little time for the creative process. I needed to move fast in order to have enough time to get the files to the printer. I said, ‘Marty, designers want to see what you do, not read about it. We need a few, but strong words and photos of great signs.’ We settled on an eight-page, smaller format brochure, filled with lots of samples and only a few paragraphs of copy.

“Marty has hundreds of photos of signs Martin Sign Company has produced and installed. It’s always great when clients have many good-quality, original photographs. It’s also incredibly time-consuming sorting through files and files of images to see which photos work best together and which are high enough resolution for print. Many of the photos were previously used, only in digital media, for the website, Facebook page and Twitter.

“One of my favorite photo finds for the brochure is the company photo on the back cover. It’s one of those magically timed snapshots where everyone looks great— all eyes are open, relaxed, happy, and Marty is even wearing a shirt that reads SIGN WARS.

“Marty never intended this photo to be used in any promotional materials, and was hesitant to let me include it because a few of the guys are holding beers. My husband, another Creative Director, happened to look over my shoulder at the layout on my screen and I explained my client’s reservations about using this group photo in the brochure.

“His reply sealed the deal. ‘They’re not doing my taxes. They’re sign guys. This looks like a group of guys I’d like to hang out with’.”
– Lauren Deane Evans, Art/Creative Director, Good Looking Ideas,

The Writer
“I could have written pages and pages of copy about Martin Sign Company because I know Marty, his company’s clients and the work they do. But my job was to showcase the signage without a lot of detailed copy.

“I was like a sculptor starting with a block of granite and chiseling away only what would be seen as beautiful. So I stuck to a few short overviews, a select list of services aimed at designers, and edited a few Yelp reviews. Lauren chose what worked best. The result was just the right amount of words for the brochure.

“It was like that scene in ‘Amadeus’ where Emperor Joseph II said to Mozart, ‘That sonata was lovely but I think there were too many notes’. Well, in my mind, this brochure had just the right number of notes.”
– Gil Zeimer, Copywriter/Creative Director, Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe,

The Printer
“The brochure was printed on a digital press to meet the quick turnaround requirement. I selected a medium weight matte cover stock (both sheets) to give it a rich look and feel. The reprints were quick as well since the file was prepped and processed.”
– Seth Tajbakhsh, Owner, Copymat Digibranch,

The Social Media Spin
“We take every opportunity available to increase each customer’s brand awareness! And this time, we converted the digital version of the brochure to a GIF in order to amuse Martin Sign Company’s followers on Instagram with their latest and greatest marketing tools. Using the right hashtags and caption, this brochure became a dream come true. GIF version on the Instagram post:
– Caro Collazos, CEO/Founder, Bee Social Group,

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