Adding a new member to BNI Embarcadero

Step-by-step process to adding a new member to the various online properties for BNI Embarcadero.

I’ll put videos, screenshots and explanations of the various steps to add a new member below. We have:

  1. Everyone@ mailing list,
  2. WordPress user set up
  3. Roster and user photo

I’m sure there are things I left out. Let me know what and I’ll update!

1. the “everyone@” mailing list

It’s an ancient mailing list system, but it works. In the video, I cover:

  1. Adding a new member,
  2. Removing a member,
  3. Tending to pending moderator requests.

2. Adding new user to WordPress

There are more “custom” fields to come, but for starters, each new member needs to be a user (specifically, an Editor) of the BNI site.

  1. Add user,
  2. First name + Last name (important), email, URL, bio, difficult password.
  3. For now, their photos aren’t taken care of here.

3. Adding the user’s photos

There are 2 methods you need to do this. An easy one and a nastier one. I’ll walk through both in the video.’s Gravatar

Each user will need to do this themselves (or they can forward you their confirmation and sign-in info) and then they have control of their photo on the site.

Here are the basics:

  1. Create account at If member already has an account there, we might be done and can call it a day. Do they have an image associated with that email address? If not, see step 2.
  2. Once you activate the account, you’ll need to log in and add an image. The easy part here is that you can upload any size image and crop it right there. Yay!
  3. Rate it G (seriously),
  4. Save, done, check your work!

Way old school cropping in Photoshop and strict naming convention method.

Yeah, this is really old. But hey, it works. The steps are in the video, but here’s what you’re doing:

  1. Finding image for member (might need to borrow from LinkedIn),
  2. Cropping to 100 x 100 square in Photoshop in JPG,
  3. Naming file “firstname-lastname.jpg” and saving,
  4. Copying same file and renaming “Firstname Lastname.jpg,”
  5. Uploading both files to the /uploads/member-photos/ file in File Manager.

That’s it! Wasn’t that fun? Here’s the video.

Questions? Dilemas? Let me know.