How important is the color of your logo?

How important is the color of your logo?

Does your logo have the blues? Maybe that’s a good thing!

How important is the color of your logo?
How important is the color of your logo?

Why are so many logos blue? What’s up with Google’s Crayola-like rainbow logo? Why do luxury brands often use black (and white)? What does my logo mean to my customers?

There is a lot of psychology behind color choices–but also lots of science. It’s not for nothing that certain brands highlight certain colors. Colors bring about different emotions in different people and you, as a business owner, should at least have a grasp as to the why.

Can you explain why your logo is a certain color?

Think about it. Do you have an answer? Do you have a story? Not that a client would ask, but it could even be a good conversation starter, “Did you know that our company’s color scheme is blue and orange because our law firm is respectable, trustworthy and creative? And we are.”

Want to know more? Contact the marketing team here at BNI and we’ll cure your blues, brighten your pearly whites and share how red logo┬ácan put your business in the black.

Here are some other articles that go into more depth about the psychology of color in marketing.

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Color matters. Integrate your brand colors across the board -- in your logo, landing page, product, and more -- to achieve the highest impact.
Color matters. Integrate your brand colors across the board — in your logo, landing page, product, and more — to achieve the highest impact.

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