7 Marketing Tips to Treat Your Business like a Blockbuster Book

Want to read the next chapter of the book? Sign up for the special mailing list to get it hot off the presses!

Looking for new marketing techniques? How can you leave your clients wanting just a little bit more?

Want to read the next chapter of the book? Sign up for the special mailing list to get it hot off the presses!
Want to read the next chapter of the book? Sign up for the special mailing list to get it hot off the presses!

I just finished a book. Well, together with my two young boys (9 & 11). Well, it was supposed to be the whole book, but the story got so exciting that we realized we weren’t going to be able to cram all of the adventure and thrills into a single book … so we’re boing to make it a 3-part series. No crazy Harry Potter 7-series craziness, but manageable like the Hunger Games trilogy or even 50 Shades of Grey. That was a trilogy, right? Did you read all three? Was there a cliffhanger at the end of each book to make you want to buy the next one? I don’t remember …

How might you apply fiction book thriller-style marketing to your business?

What can you offer in terms of “Just give me a little more, please!” How about a teaser? A trailer? A sneak peak? Maybe a free (small) service–like a free chapter of a book. It’s just a bit, but it’ll whet their appetite and, if they like it, they’ll probably be happy to pay for the real thing. If they don’t, no harm done–and it might save you hours of “selling” to non-buyers.

Here are a few tricks from the writer’s den (do they have a den?) that might help ignite sales, no matter your industry.

7 Creative Marketing Ideas to Sell Your Business Like a Hotcake

  1. Chapter One: Amazon lets you read the first chapter of any book. What could you give away to give potential customers a taste of what you offer? This savvy writer offers up Chapter One (and more) right there free on the site even without forcing you to cough up your email address (wasted opportunity or friendly writer dude?).
  2. Offer the Solution: especially business books and the self-help genre excels here: “7 Ways to Trim that Belly Fat!” Offer a quick solution to an easy problem, but in a way that’s even easier than they might have thought. See this Feature Box at Boost Blog Traffic site, the top of the site offers a quick guide for the price of your email address.
  3. Freebie: just give something away. In the book world, it might be a short story or an old novel. It doesn’t matter all that much, people just like to think they’re getting something for free that usually costs something.
  4. Giveaways: whereas the freebie might not cost you anything (especially for digital products), the giveaway might actually be a cost factor. But is it worth it? What’s the cost of acquiring a new customer? Again, if they feel like they’re getting something for free (and they are), then they’re often willing to go the extra mile.
  5. Discounts: again with the cost savings? Why? Because they work. When there’s a sale on a book, it’s the barrier to entry is that much lower. “Buy 1 get 1 free!” Isn’t it crazy how our minds even think of buying the whatever-it-is only because we get one free when we buy the first one? Hey, it’s worth a shot, right? Try it, see what your customers think. Jason Steinberg has a special deal going right now to create a 30-second video for your business for only $500. It’s a limited-time offer and a bargain. Oh, he’s only taking 10 projects. See how there is some tension building? Better get in there and order soon, right?
  6. Product: the book is one thing, but when there is an accompanying product alongside? Now that’s interesting. If you offer only services, what “product” might you offer that’s interesting to your customers? Also, make it Bite Size: if your services costs $1,000, what about a product that only costs $10? Or $100? Easier to accept–and get to know you. A good example is SRK Headshot Day. Normally, you’d have to book Scott for a photography session that you might think would be really expensive. But now he has a “product” that’s easy, low cost and there’s little barrier to entry. Once you love him (oh, and you will), you’ll be happy to book him for that big photo shoot.
  7. Get creative: what else can you think of? Think of books, think of movies, think of other industries that are not your own. What are they doing that works? How might you adapt that to your industry?

There you have it. From the heart of a marketing writer type direct to you and absolutely free! No email address required? No sign ups! No pop-up ads! So what do I get out of it? A book deal? More sales? No, just knowing you love me that much more is thank you enough. 😉