Find Out if Your Headshot Measures Up

Woman in before after headshots.
Woman in before after headshots.
The expression in the photo on the left is squinty because of the sun in her face. Look at the relaxed, professional expression in the final image on the right. She leans toward the camera with an engaged expression.

Your headshot is your signature. It is important that it sends the message you want on your website and on social media. Here are five key criteria to consider.

Professionalism – You should use a professional headshot when you post your profile pic on LinkedIn, your website or any other online business setting.

Crop – The crop for your photo should fill the frame with your face.

Background – Your headshot background should not be distracting. Nor should you blend into the background.

Wardrobe – Keep it simple. Solid colors, grey, medium tones or jewel tones.

Expression – Make sure the photo you have matches the message you want to convey. But most of all, make sure it looks natural.

The SRK Headshot Evaluator measures your headshot’s effectiveness on these five different criteria: Professionalism, Crop, Background, Wardrobe and Expression. Take the full test, see more examples and score your headshot by clicking here.