Foreclosure After Abandonment but Before Closure of Bankruptcy Case Violated Automatic Stay

In In re Gasprom, 500 B.R. 598 (9thCir. BAP 2013), the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit held that a lienholder violated the automatic stay in bankruptcy by foreclosing on assets abandoned by the trustee before the corporate debtor’s chapter 7 case was closed.  Read more here.

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    Craig and Mark, thanks for your comments. Mark – I’m reminded of another quote from the Opies – in fact, a response from children to their adult interest: “but we’re only *playing* – it’s not meant to be *serious*” (or something like that). Craig – yes to balance. Screens are in danger of being the focus of the next piece of scaremongering, and that won’t help children any more than all the other moral panics about childhood.

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    This is a fabulous post and I'm so glad I came here today… love all the neutral tones and well it flows.I hope you have a fun weekend… stay warm! :-)xoLuciane at HomeBunch.comPost of the Day: Rustic Villa_ Guess the location before you read it. 😉

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