BNI Marketing Power Team: Gets an Upgrade

As a San Francisco freelance copywriter, I’ve worked with Bradley Charbonneau (, Lauren Deane Evans ( and Pam Card ( for many years now. In fact, they’re the only team I would consider to handle the update of my own website (

Zeimer_OldHomePageBEFORE: Here’s what my old website looked like. I first wrote in 1995 and had only updated once about 10 years ago as a WordPress site. That enabled me to could easily add blogs, new ads, websites, radio and TV commercials, and especially testimonials from clients.

Before migrating to WordPress, I had to pay someone else thousands of dollars a year to make updates. The old site was very functional as my electronic portfolio, enabling me to easily show potential clients copywriting projects I’d done in their industry, regardless of where they lived.

Zeimer_AfterAFTER: My new website features new home page copy from me, specific SEO keywords from Pam for important categories of my writing, an extremely dynamic layout from Lauren, and incredibly easy WordPress functionality from Bradley because the backend of my site was already in that very popular content management system. Kudos to my BNI Power Team for helping me on this most important project!