7 Reasons to Switch your Email to Google Apps

Is it time to get a reliable, powerful and flexible email provider?

Did you know that you could have you @ yourdomain.com for the cost of a latte per month?

So what’s holding you back? Here’s a thought: you might just not know what the options are out there. You have an email address (somethingorother@gmail.com or worse) and you’ve had it forever and that’s just the way it is. Kind of like the broken tile in the bathroom, you’ll get around to fixing it … someday.

By the way, if you’ve started reading this and you’re just a Flip the Switch Already! type, you can head over to the popular article, “Using Google Apps email for you @ yourdomain.com” from where you can get a direct link to get started with Google Apps. Not-so-secret-secret: no credit card required and the first month is free.

[quote]Google Apps is the same as Gmail but with your own domain name.[/quote]

Is it time to get a reliable, powerful and flexible email provider?What is Google Apps anyway?

It’s email that’s hosted by Google. “But,” you snicker, “who cares who hosts my email?” Well, yeah, uh, you do. If you have a Gmail account, you know what that entails: loads of space, fast servers, reliable email delivery, IMAP functions, and it just plain works. In fact, it’s that last one that is usually all anyone needs to hear if you’ve ever had email troubles at your current email host.

Without further ado, here are 7 reasons to switch your email to you@yourdomain.com hosted by Google Apps.

1. Because broomhilda-2012@hotmail.com just isn’t all that professional.

Even if you’re a witch. Even if it’s your personal email. Hotmail? Really? Is that even still around? So 90’s. Did they even have email in the 90’s? Anyway, it’s time. Need a domain? Yes, you do. I recommend GoDaddy for domain names and then Google Apps for the email. If you want anyone who ever receives an email from you to think of your business, get a domain name that is your own.

2. You don’t want messages like, “554 Message not allowed – [PH01] Email not accepted for policy reasons.  Please visit … “

If you’re on some small-time host, some email providers might think that you’re a spammer–or technically they’re spammers, but they’re going to label you. I had this question yesterday in fact and rather than spend emails, hours, tinkering, and no-fun-for-anyone, just switch to a known email host that won’t get blocked.

Convinced already? Go sign up via Likoma’s page on how to get started with Google Apps.

3. You’d like your email to talk to your calendar to talk to your Google Plus to know your docs and your chat and hangouts and …

It’s all integrated. If you’re a Gmail fan already, you know what we’re talking about here. But if you’re not, well, you’re not. Maybe your Gmail does the calendar and then your, uh, other Gmail account has your Flickr photos. It’s a mess. Get your own domain, make it yours, make it last, make it coherent and save time and stress in your life.

4. It just works better.

Quoted from John Muldoon who has dealt with so many email client issues he no longer will allow his clients to be hosted anywhere else … or else he won’t help them. But it’s true, it just works. Keep that in mind the next time your email doesn’t work.

5. Labels are better than folders.

This one took me a while to accept, but now I’m a firm believer. Google Apps (and Gmail) use labels to categorize (or organize) your emails. But the beauty of labels is that your email can have multiple labels so that the email from Auntie Mame could be filed under Family but because it was about tax season, it could also be labeled Finance. You’ll know what I mean, but it could take some time.

6. It never goes down.

OK, never is probably a bit of a stretch. I’m sure it goes down once in a while, but with most of the planet’s email on their servers, it’s not going to be often–or long lasting.

7. It costs $50 per year.

What costs $50/year these days? That’s $4.16 per month. How much is a latte anyway? If you’re actually still reading this and you’d just love to sign up, I actually have some coupon codes that even make it $40/year, but they’re individual and, frankly, I’m not sure how to hand them out. Because you’re such a diligent reader and you made it all the way to #7 here, if you contact me through the Google Apps for your domain page on my site and then go to the contact page and ask me for a Google Apps coupon, I’ll send you one.

There are certainly more reasons than the 7 I’ve listed here. Can you think of more? Add them in the comments for double bonus brownie points and I’ll send you some digital love energy.