Do You Make it Easy for New Clients to do Business with You?

How easy? It needs to be a piece of cake.

How easy? It has to be Easy As Pie.

A San Francisco head shot photographer made a presentation of his business on Wednesday. Showed great photos (duh) of his work but also went deeper into his philosophy (e.g. Audience, Message, Mood, etc.). It was impressive and showed clearly that he did more than open the lens cap and click that button next to the dial set to Auto Focus.

He went the extra mile to make it even easier for us to use his services.

After the presentation, we all received an email offering a steep discount (more than 50% off) for a head shot session. Now, ¬†we all know we all need a good head shot, but ugh, when are we going to schedule that? Blah, bluh, ach. Oh wait, he’s offering a day well in advance. Hmm, you can sign up for a time right now. Ooh, 9:30 is open. I can also pay in advance … and it’s more than 50% off. Do I really need a new head shot? We all need a refreshed head shot. Look at that, I can pay right now with PayPal. Geez, maybe I need to get some sun … oh, he’s offering make-up and hair before the shoot. How do I prepare for a head shot? Oh, there’s a link for tip on preparing for a head shot. Well, now that I’m seriously debating this, is this guy actually any good? Aha, link to portfolio of head shot work.

[quote]I can’t say no. I can’t pass this up. He’s made it so incredibly easy for me to “test drive” his services that I feel like I’d be missing out if I didn’t do it.[/quote]

Let’s take a quick look at his process.

  1. Present: show what you do. Let people decide if they like your work. That’s all you can start with and hope for.
  2. Invite: you need to ask. Sure, some people might ask you, but you need to at least make an offer.
  3. Discount: make it appealing, make it short-term, make it (close to) now or never.
  4. Schedule: don’t fiddle with scheduling, set a date and stick to it. It’s actually easier for potential clients this way as well. It’s then or nothing.
  5. Hand hold: do you have some tips for people who might hesitant? Spell them out.
  6. Prove: show off a little. Show us what you got.
  7. Make it easy as pie: give us the links, show us the times, make it impossible to mess it up.

He booked a full-day schedule with one presentation and one email. He’s onto his second email now and second day. But, you say, he’s offering his services at a third of his normal rates! He sure is. Then we’ll get a taste of his work and if we’re new fans, we’ll come back–and we’ll tell the world.

If you’re curious about this photographer, here are some of the links he provided.

How easy? It needs to be a piece of cake.
How easy? It needs to be a piece of cake.