Meetups: When is the last time you "friended" someone … offline?

I’m a big fan of Meetup and they sent out an “Unresolutions” note for the beginning of 2013. Some witty taglines caught my attention:

  • Spend less 1-on-1 time with your kids
  • Cancel your gym membership
  • Spend more time with your computer
  • Wear more leather
  • Lose sleep
  • Eat more
  • Drink more

Check out their awesome slideshow. So what are they getting at?

Get out there, meet real people in real life. See what happens.

Who knows, you might make a friend, get a new client, learn a new trade, start a business, get a referral for a business partner of yours. Who knows.

Do you have more Facebook “friends” than you can count (out loud)? Have you been tweeting every scene of Downton Abbey? Maybe it’s time to get out there. Take it as an experiment,  then you have nothing to lose. Go to a Meetup, be it fun, work, or zany, just go once.

See what happens.