100 Content Ideas for Blogs, Facebook, Posts, etc

Content is king in 2012.

Between website updates, blog posts, Twitter tweets, Facebook updates, Google+’ing, Yelping and much more, businesses are under increasing pressure to create new content almost constantly to stay at the top of search engine rankings and to be seen as thought-leaders.  Creating fresh content can be a drain on resources for most businesses and, let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t have much to say.

There must be a better way, right?  How about 100 better ways.

100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas is a white paper I downloaded and would like to share.  It has some simple ideas for generating content, without having to write a daily thesis.  So, for all of you with websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and / or countless other content hungry social applications, hopefully you’ll find this white paper useful for brainstorming new content ideas.

Who knows, perhaps you may even use it to  create a BNI embarcadero website post…



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