When to Hire Life Coach Kenji

From blog.intuit.com, April 27, 2011.

Do you call a life coach to navigate life’s challenges or help with career issues? Does a life coach help you understand your goals, how to reach them, and prioritize them? Do you need a life coach to boost your self-confidence?

We called Kenji Oshima, AKA Coach Kenji, of San Francisco, to find out the answers. He said, “All of the above!”

ISBB: What does life coaching focus on?

Coach Kenji: Life coaching focuses on an individual’s entire life as it relates to goal setting, outcome creation and change. In coaching, the assumption is that individuals are capable of generating their own solutions, while the coach provides a supportive, discovery-based framework. While positive emotions are typically the natural outcome of great coaching, the primary focus is on creating strategies for changing your work or personal life.

In addition, the true emphasis in coaching is on action, accountability, and follow-through; it supports personal growth, professional growth, and development based on individually-initiated change, since coaching is forward moving and future-focused.

Coaching is for self-actualized people who have known success in their life, and choose to add that extra edge in order to move forward to make the changes they want in life.

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