Gil Zeimer BNI PowerPoint Presentation, 12/22/10

Below is a link to the PPT I prepared that you couldn’t see because of technical difficulties. Please take a few minutes to click through it now:

Plus, here are some Intuit Small Business Blog articles containing interviews of BNI Embarcadero members:

1) Amy Harcourt – “How To Avoid Discounting Your Services — Part 1“, “Part II
2) Dan Wheeler – “How To File A Patent
3) Phil Siegel – “How To Publicize Your Small Business
4) Josh Larson – “How To Convert Your Garage Into An Office
5) Bradley Charbonneau – “How To Name Your Company or Product
6) Bob Gates – “How To Quit Your Job & Take Your Clients With You (Without Being Sued)

Best Referrals

  • Graphic & Web designers/art directors
  • Ad agencies
  • Marketing and sales execs
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their Website with SEO keywords or with professionally written/edited materials
  • Other certified green businesses

Industries I work with: Healthcare, Packaged Goods , Legal, Technology , Financial and Start-ups