Yelp Works

This won’t be news to many of you, but Yelp works.I just got a phone call about a website project and he didn’t mention that he found me through an existing client of mine or through my website, but through Yelp.

You’d think that I, Mr. “Update Your Website,” would be updating his Yelp profile on an hourly basis, but I haven’t been. In fact, I only relatively recently put up a Yelp business page. I focus more on updating my own site about designing sites in WordPress and spend less time on the social networking sites. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my updates pinging LinkedIn and Twitter (they are), but it’s hard to keep them all updated, all the time.

So where to focus your (limited) energy? Probably depends on your business. But apparently I shouldn’t leave Yelp out to dry.