Win a FREE Massage at my Open House on Sep 16th!

Hi friends!

Some of you, I haven’t talked to in awhile. Others, it’s been more recently. But either way, I’d love to see you at my Open House!

If you didn’t already know, as of August 1st I’ve moved to a new healing center. Come help me celebrate!

Festivities are from 5PM – 8PM

I’ll be offering…

50% off any 1 session

booked with me at open house!

6 Drawings for FREE Massage!


Bring a friend who books a session

(not already a client)

and get one of equal length free

We’ll have drinks and organic wine plus catering by Cook SF, Que SeRaw SeRaw, and Delish Dish!

Plus other special offers and giveaways from…

Marnie Reasor, Classical Homeopathy

DeeAnn Bruno, Dee’s Whole Nutrition

Meakim & Stern Spinal Care

Dr. Tamra Sattler, Integral Psychotherapy

Avra Organic Spa

I hope to see you there!

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