Fall Freshen Up with Favreau Design

Ever think that working with a designer is something only the rich and famous do? Well think again. Favreau Design is offering a special “Spruce up your Abode, Fall Freshen Up”. For just $275 Steven Favreau of Favreau Design will come into your home and work with you on color selection, space planning, furniture purchasing or anything your inner interior designer desires.

“This is the perfect way to work with a designer and get your home looking its best for the holidays without a huge commitment,” says Favreau. “Our homes are a reflection of who we are. If we feel great in our home, it shows. After all, we spend so much time there. Why not enjoy it to its fullest.”

Call Steven at Favreau Design now: 415.971.2219. And visit his Faboo site at www.favreaudesign.com. (By the way, Steven also owns a fantastic staging business: www.stage-struck.com)

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