What's Your Referability Factor?

Chris Brogan (chrisbrogan.com) is one of the few newsletters I allow into my overcrowded inbox. He’s a social networking superhero. Seeing that this is a “referral business” we’re in here, I thought it was extremely relevant. Here’s an excerpt.

John Jantsch guest blogged for Chris and wrote about referrals.

When it comes to getting a significant amount of business by way of referral some companies are better at it. It’s not that they have implemented a better process for asking clients and partners to refer them, it’s that they are simply more referable.

In the business of referrals, trust is the most important reason a recommendation is made and, conversely, lack of trust the single greatest reason referrals don’t happen. There are countless ways that companies build and break trust with their customers, but most can be summed up with the term ‚”honesty.”

Here’s something your customers won’t ever tell you but that you had better understand: Your employees probably treat your customers about the same way you treat your employees. Let that soak that in for a minute.

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