Fritz Cartoons and the Queen of Quick Books

the-right-team-webThanks to the power of BNI, my cartoons have been referred to another business in need of custom cartoons. The Queen of Quick Books (former member of BNI Embarcadero) wanted to use a Rackafracka cartoon to advertise in a humorous way that her company of bookkeepers were the RIGHT team for any bookkeeping needs that a company might have. So the idea that I came up with is a baseball team trying to do a couple forms of math. In the cartoon the baseball team is clearly struggling because math and dealing with bookkeeping is not in their wheel house. This cartoon was published in a e-newsletter that had an article right under the cartoon that complimented the message saying that in order to handle your company’s bookkeeping you should get the RIGHT team for the job.

Perfect referrals for my custom cartoons for business are company’s that have a message that they want to share using humor. If they are doing direct mail, newsletters, email marketing, or even event invitations or evites, a custom cartoon can be on topic and carry the right message. And if the cartoon is funny enough readers may even hang it up at their desk along with your branding or contact information.

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