Fuego Creative 30-Second Video Infomercial

Utilize the power of video and the internet to showcase your business or service to the world. Have Fuego create your personalized 30 second infomercial. Special rates will be given to all BNI members. For details, contact gabriel [ a t ] fuegocreativesf [ dot ] com. Put some Fire into your marketing communications™. Let Fuego show you how…

One thought on “Fuego Creative 30-Second Video Infomercial

  1. Jason Gives Stuff Away says:

    I started a BNI chapter in Walnut Creek CA from scratch and it was a lot of work… I was the first guy making the phone calls. I’m really proud of that group as it is a million dollar chapter now.

    An elevator pitch is very important… I have several pitches depending who I’m speaking with. It can be difficult to keep them all in line and natural. That is one reason I have created a formula for the elevator pitch. Here is my basic formula let me know what you think of it

    4 Simple Steps to Creating the Perfect Elevator Pitch

    1. Identify who you can help by starting with… I show people who (need to save money, want to buy real estate, want to own their home, can’t get a mortgage,)

    2. Identify what you can help them with…. how they can (increase their revenue, income, own a home, pay less on their mortgage)

    3. Identify why they can benefit… so they can (have more time freedom, enjoy home ownership, reap tax benefits, spend more time with family)

    4. Ask if they know anyone like that… end with a question or ask for a referral.

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