Don't Email Me Looking For A Sub

If you need a sub, it’s your responsibility, not the chapter’s. So while one of may have a visitor scheduled, I recommend you take three clicks to find a sub:

1) Visit

2) Next, click on San Francisco on the Bay Area map.

3) Then, on the next page, click on Chapter Locations.

4) Finally, on this page, you’ll see 20 BNI chapters in San Francisco, along with dozens of others for the Peninsula and the East Bay. Each chapter has approximately 25 members, so this page represents about 500 people who know BNI, who get BNI, and can possibly sub for you — if you pick up the phone and make a few calls.

Ask if they can sub for you, then offer to reciprocate and sub for them.

Good luck finding a sub!
Gil Zeimer, Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe

One thought on “Don't Email Me Looking For A Sub

  1. mark cooper says:

    hi there, I live in tiburon and I am a member of bni by the bay in mill valley… I can sub, but we have to do a one to one first.
    email me!
    or call 415-608-1036

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