39 Ways To Increase Your Referrals And Grow Your Chapter

Today, Kay Heatherly, Kevin Casey and Gil Zeimer — our chapter’s three BNI Ambassadors — presented this PowerPoint on the 39 ways you can increase your referrals and grow your chapter.

This list is a compilation of tips that I’ve gotten from other presentations by both Kevin and Kay. And this list is by no means complete. So if you have a suggestion for something we missed, please comment on it below and we’ll update the PPT.

The 11 most important ways you can improve your referrals:
1) Show up to BNI every week
2) Givers Gain — give referrals to get referrals
3) Listen to everyone’s infomercial because members should be specific in the referrals they’re requesting
4) Have a Website with your name on it — be the master of your own domain
5) Visit other chapters whenever possible, especially on Visitor’s Days
6) Sub at other chapters to line up reciprocal subs for yourself
7) Have more one-on-one dance cards
8) Step up to leadership
9) Take your MSP Training ASAP
10) Be active in your power group.
11) And treat BNI like it is a client — invest quality time each week to give referrals, have dance cards, etc.

View this PPT: 39 Ways To Increase Your Referrals And Grow Your Chapter

Gil Zeimer, Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe