Time to upgrade your website to a content management system?

Rich Brooks over at flyte new media sums up why a content management system (e.g. WordPress) is beneficial to your website. Here are a few outtakes:

Did you ever want to make a change to your Web site but it’s ten past five on a Friday and your developer has left the building? Have you ever wished you could make that small text change rather than paying a developer? Have you ever wanted to easily add pictures or video to your site?

His main points as to why you should convert to a CMS.

  • Control Your Web Site
  • Control Your Costs
  • Control Your Search Engine Visibility
  • A Control Center for Your Social Media Presence

He goes into more detail in the full article.

One thought on “Time to upgrade your website to a content management system?

  1. franz says:

    If you like using wordpress as a CMS, you should totally check out concrete5.

    It’s free, PHP/MySQL based just like wordpress – but it wasn’t designed from the bottom up to be a blog. Instead it’s a building material that a designer or developer can use to easily build any site that the end site owner can edit. See a typo, just use the toolbar to put the page in edit mode and fix it.

    There’s screencasts and instant personal demos at:

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