Why Should You Take Member Success Program Training?

By Gil Zeimer, BNI Embarcadero,
Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe

The good news: You’ve just been inducted into a BNI chapter and you can’t wait to start networking.

The bad news: You’ve been told you have 60 days to sign up for Member Success Program (MSP).

Why should you invest two hours of your time? What will you learn? Why it this so important?

First, attending MSP trains you to do so many things that are essential to your ongoing success at your BNI chapter meetings. These include:

  • Crafting your professional image by reviewing your weekly infomercial and creating a successful memory hook.
  • Reviewing your chapter general and administrative policies, including the BNI Networking Code of Ethics.
  • Analyzing the details of giving and receiving good referrals.
  • And much more.

Second, you’ll be added to your chapter’s speaker rotation to make your 10-minute presentation on your
core product or service ONLY after you’ve successfully completed the full MSP training.

And third, if you don’t take the training within two months, your classification may be opened by your chapter and you’ll be dropped. It’s happened to many “BNI slackers” and it could happen to you.

So the question isn’t really “Why is this so important?” The question is “How soon will you sign up for MSP?” because if you’re not in MSP, you’ll be out of BNI.