Everyone is now registered at bniembarcadero.com !

Greetings BNIers,

I just registered the last of us into the new website (thanks to all of you who had already registered). For those of you who did not register, you can now log in using your first name (with first letter capital, e.g. Holden) and this high-tech password: ” bni ” (no quotes, just the three letters). You can log in by going to http://bniembarcadero.com and clicking on “Login” in the upper right sidebar (under Admin and above Search). Once in, you’ll want to click on Users which will bring you to your Profile where you’ll want to change your password.

Why log in? You can then:
(More help on how these things all work later.)

1.) Send an email to the group.

2.) Write a post (entry) with a question to the group, as an event, a news item, or a blog entry.

3.) Write something about your company (tip: give it the category “Company Description”).

4.) Comment on someone else’s post (Why? Builds traffic to the site. Who cares? Google cares.)
(example: http://bniembarcadero.com/google)

5.) Copy another member’s contact info to send to a referral

6.) Send a referral the “Company Description” of one of our member’s via email
(example: http://bniembarcadero.com/telepacific-communications, click on the email icon under the title)

Have a question about all of this? Post a question as an entry in the “Forum” category (http://bniembarcadero.com/wp-admin/post.php) on the site and I’ll answer it. That way others will see the question (and the answer) and it’ll build traffic to the site and start to turn the site into a resource.

Best regards,

– Bradley

You can also post a comment right below this text–if you’re logged in.

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